Choreographer, educator, and TED Speaker, Camille A. Brown illustrates how individuals expressed their creative identity through 25 African-American social dances that have influenced history.

Dance provides a sense of inner freedom

Oftentimes we carry conscious and unconscious feelings, thoughts, and experiences trapped in our body without knowing how to release those emotions. When we listen to our body through freestyle movement, we can become more attuned to the emotions we might not be able to articulate and express with words.

It’s the emotional and physical release that gives us a sense of clarity and inner freedom, propelling us to move forward by building and growing from the past — much like the way the African-American dance moves have evolved over time.

If dance can awaken and release emotions, can it also awaken and release creativity?

Improvising dance movements draw inspiration from authentic feelings and inspiration, training our minds to instinctively create new movement ideas through sensing, feeling, doing, and abstract thinking. By strengthening this creative development process applied to the freestyle movement, it activates our creative cognition to create any type of novelty.

INTUITIVE DANCE img via Dazed Digital

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