Having trouble getting a good night’s sleep? The brain is only able to effectively remove toxic proteins when you have a high quality, deep sleep. In the U.K, it’s common for people to do two simple things leading up to bedtime that helps them rest better and therefore feel better the next day.

The National Sleep Foundation identified sleep customs around the world — pointing out that in the U.K, people drink a soothing beverage, such as tea, before bed, and opt to sleep nude.

Drink tea and sleep au natural

A cup of tea to relax before bed

If you’re used to jumping from task to task, taking the time to prepare and sip on an herbal tea is especially important to calm down the nervous system. A British company, Bedeck, surveyed people to discover that those who had the best night sleep, usually had their last cup of tea around 9:10 pm.

For the best night sleep, have your last cup of tea around 9:10 pm.

Sleeping nide regulates the body temperature

One scientifically proven way to improve quality sleep is to regulate body temperature optimized for the brain to focus on its core function during sleep — remove toxic proteins so you can be more creative, process information better, and be less emotionally reactive the next day. A cooler temperature, ideally between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit, makes it easier to fall and stay asleep; while warmer temperature signals the body to become alert — resulting in the tossing and turning you might be familiar with.

Sleeping in warmer temperatures keeps cortisol levels high, leading to increased anxiety, cravings for unhealthy food, and weight gain. When sleeping naked, the body regulates temperature at the optimal ranges on its own. It allows the body to properly produce and regulate cortisol so you can avoid the negative effects you would otherwise experience.

Sleeping nude can also help with weight loss and prevent the progression of diabetes

Research also shows that lower temperatures activate brown fat — the type of body fat that helps regulate body temperature by generating heat. Higher levels of brown fat trigger a faster metabolism, better blood sugar control, and higher insulin sensitivity, which means that sleeping nude can also help with weight loss and prevent the progression of diabetes.


Sleeping nude helps train your mind to feel more comfortable with your body, boosting confidence that can benefit your personal and professional life. When sleeping with a partner, the direct skin to skin contact releases a generous amount of oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) that relaxes you and encourages affection. The relationship benefits of sleeping nude as a couple was validated by a Cotton USA survey showing that couples who slept naked reported being in a happier relationship than a couple who slept in pajamas.

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