A well-deserved getaway that will renew your sense of energy, and nurture an appreciation for life. Get inspired by the cultural traditions and lifestyle that make the people of Mexico amongst the happiest in the world.


Feel part of a community of other like minded souls and explore an abundance of emotionally rewarding experiences. Find time to relax and reflect by the clear blue coastline, melt away stress with massages from Mayan healers, feel the flow during yoga amongst the ocean waves. Encounter the power of traditional ceremonies, dance with the locals, and gain insights from a Mayan astrologer. Get involved in an interactive project to improve the local ecosystem. Delight the palate with fresh local cuisine and fully experience the home to one of the New Wonders of the World with the help of our local experts.


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We welcome change-makers and tastemakers from every discipline and culture, seeking a deeper understanding of the world to inspire their immediate and future ventures. To receive an early bird discount for our January 2019 retreat, please fill out the form below.


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